Privacy & Security

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What data do we collect? 
The data collected on Resolv is your personal information you consent to share with us upon onboarding our platform. We also collect email addresses, meeting audio and video, meeting attendee email addresses, meeting attendee display names and other similar information for our analytical marketing and research purposes.

Who has accessed to the data collected? 
Your data is being stored by accredited hosting providers. You have complete control over the data you share on the platform as a registered user of the platform and determine who has access to your data. 

How is my data being used?
Our platform is GDPR compliant and we take our information security responsibilities very seriously as well. We are ISO 27001 Certified and regularly conduct systems tests to ensure the security of our platform is maintained at the highest standards.

Do we retain any data?
As a registered user of the platform your data is stored for the duration of your membership. We do not stored any data on your behalf after your membership has ended. 

Do we delete your data and when? 
We may retain data for the purposes of fraud prevention and to troubleshoot any bugs on the platform to enhance your user experience.

Our data policy? 
Please read our policies before use of the platform: 

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